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Edward G. Gbur, Agricultural Statistics Lab, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR
Bruce E. Trumbo, Department of Statistics, California State University, Hayward, CA

As the number of papers and journals in the statistical sciences grows, a decreasing proportion of papers is discovered by browsers of printed journals, and an increasing proportion is retrieved via bibliographic searches. Perhaps users of CIS/ED are uniquely qualified to understand the importance of selecting useful key words and phrases (KWs).

As an author, you should remember that the main purpose of KWs is to complement title and author information in helping others to retrieve your paper from a printed or computer-searchable bibliography. Try to consider all types of potential readers, and how they might look for papers such as yours. Following the ten suggestions below will increase the chances that your KWs will be used by bibliographers, and useful to your intended audience.

This article is drawn from an article about keywords (also available on the Web) by the same authors that appeared in The American Statistician, February 1995, Vol. 49, pages 29-33.

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