Model selection by Friedman statistic

Onemli, M. Burak, Oenemli, M. Burak, Korkmaz, Adil, Önemli, M. Burak . Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research 2011. 7 (2-Sp) :473-481

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  Author = {Onemli, M. Burak and Oenemli, M. Burak and Korkmaz, Adil and Önemli, M. Burak},
  Title = {Model selection by Friedman statistic},
  Journal = {Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research},
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  Number = {2-Sp},
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  Keywords = {Prior information, mean squares error, unbiased ridge estimation, prediction performance, Econometric model, special issue on variable selection and post estimation in regression models, post estimation data}

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