Multivariate and functional covariates and conditional copulas

Gijbels, Irene, Veraverbeke, Noel, Veraverbeke, Noeel, Gijbels, Irène, Omelka, Marek, Veraverbeke, Noël . Electronic Journal of Statistics 2012. 6 :1273-1306

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  Author = {Gijbels, Irene and Veraverbeke, Noel and Veraverbeke, Noeel and Gijbels, Irène and Omelka, Marek and Veraverbeke, Noël},
  Title = {Multivariate and functional covariates and conditional copulas},
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  Keywords = {Variable selection, Stability, LASSO, k-means, selection consistency, diverging dimension, Smoothing, empirical copula process, Asymptotic representation, random design, small ball probability, functional covariates, multivariate covariates}

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