Self-regulating processes

Barriere, Olivier, Vehel, Jacques Levy, Barrière, Olivier, Echelard, Antoine, Véhel, Jacques Lévy . Electronic Journal of Probability 2012. 17 (103) :1-30

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  Author = {Barriere, Olivier and Vehel, Jacques Levy and Barrière, Olivier and Echelard, Antoine and Véhel, Jacques Lévy},
  Title = {Self-regulating processes},
  Journal = {Electronic Journal of Probability},
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  Year = {2012},
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  Keywords = {Additive model, curse of dimensionality, Marginal integration, Non parametric multivariate regression, multifractional Brownian motion, Hölder regularity, Weierstrass function, selfregulating processes}

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