On Wrapped Version of Some Life Testing Models

Dattatreya Rao, A. V., Ramabhadra Sarma, I., Girija, S. V. S. . Communications in Statistics: Theory and Methods 2007. 36 (11) :2027-2035

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  Author = {Dattatreya Rao, A. V. and Ramabhadra Sarma, I. and Girija, S. V. S.},
  Title = {On Wrapped Version of Some Life Testing Models},
  Journal = {Communications in Statistics: Theory and Methods},
  Volume = {36},
  Number = {11},
  Year = {2007},
  Pages = {2027--2035},
  Keywords = {Stability, Stochastic approximation, Metropolis algorithm, adaptive Markov chain Monte Carlo, Circular Lognormal distribution, Circular Logistic distribution, Circular Weibull distribution, Circular Extreme-value distribution, Modulo 2π reduction, Trigonometric moments}

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